What is adhoc based support?
Basically as and when technical support, just call us up to arrange a suitable time for one of our engineers to be onsite with yourselves or to complete works remotely.

So how do we contact Vone Support?
We have support engineers at the end of the phone during office hours (0845 004 8710) and can arrange a suitable time and date for an engineer to visit your company and resolve the techncial issue you are experiencing.

What kind of engineer will you send?
Based on your specific problem, we can send an engineer perfectly suited to your request, this will speed up the time the engineer is on site, making it a more cost effective solution.

How does remote support work?
We have invested in technology that allows us to take control of your machine with a simple software install from vone, you can watch our engineers navigate around your screen as if they were in the same room as you.

So how much will it cost?
Each companies requirements differ, but in general adhoc technical support is £60 per hour plus travel, however please contact us for a more accurate pricing.
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I can confidently recommend Vone Services as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.
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Darren Whitford
Managing Director
Skyline Tower Crane Services Ltd